Newborn Baby’s Death Caused by Vaccines, Experts Confirm !

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On May 4th 2007 was born Elijah Daniel French, in a routine vaccination approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) he received the recommended vaccine schedule. Soon after the boy got sick, with a fever and breathing problems. The following visits to the doctor were also with a therapy of more vaccines and injections, and at age of 14 months the baby died.

As he family stated the baby was vaccinated for 7 types’ of different diseases when it was only 5 months old, including with DTaP, hepatitis B, polio, Hib and pneumococcal vaccines. Despite suffering immediate adverse effects, Daniel was brought back to the doctor’s office just a few months later and jabbed again with all the same vaccines.

Though Daniel’s pediatric visits constantly left him feeling unwell, his mother, Rachel, believing that the doctor knew what was best for her child, brought him back for another round of vaccines at 14 months old. Danny was given eight vaccines in four separate injections: MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), Hib, varicella and DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis).

In the following days the baby was not feeling well at all. The first night after the vaccination Danny was still eating, but a little bit cranky and wanted to sleep more than usual.

The next day he had loss the appetite, was irritated and more fatigue.

On the third day Danny was not able to stay awake for more than half an hour. He didn’t eat or drink, but cried constantly. Seventy-one hours after his doctor visit, Danny developed a fever from the vaccines and was given Children’s Tylenol. His doctor was called but there was no answer from him because it was the July 4th holiday, the office was closed.”

Three independent pathologists confirm that young Danny’s death was caused by vaccines

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A few hours after being given another round of Children’s Tylenol, Danny’s body became cold and unresponsive. At 14 months old, the pride and joy of Rachel and her husband had passed away. And the cause of death, as Danny’s mother would only find out years later after conducting her own thorough investigation, was the vaccines he was given.

In the initial autopsy was stated that the cause of the death was asphyxia. But the mother was unconvinced. She then found out that “the official death report noted acetaminophen from the Tylenol in Danny’s blood, but nothing from the vaccines, pointing to a cover-up.” Other medical experts whom Rachel consulted all unanimously determined that, based on blood and tissue samples taken from Danny’s body, vaccines were the cause of the boy’s death.

She started her own investigation were three separate pathologists confirmed the same findings

The vaccine induced  hypercytokinemia as the cause of the boy’s asphyxiation. It was determinate by the blood taken prior to Danny receiving the vaccines.

“They also agreed encephalopathy was likely responsible, as it’s a cytokine storm syndrome. Danny’s pathology report stated his cause of death was asphyxiation, secondary to hypercytokinemia, caused by vaccines received approximately 72 hours prior.”

No parent should ever have to go through this and that’s why I want to share our story.” Said Rachel.


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