Ideal Home-Based Workout For Ladies With Belly Fat Problems

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The pants you got last season won’t fit no more? This is the first sign that your lifestyle deserves some changes, and sometimes – those consist in simple activities performed at home. An additional reason for you to consider these exercises is that belly fat is not only an aesthetic problem – it is commonly associated to endangered well-being, and a number of health issues that are better prevented than healed.

To start with, get ready to turn exercise into a regular and daily routine. In this article, we will share few simple and home-based tricks that will make your belly disappear.

Up-and-down leg sets

Lie on a comfy mat, and put both legs up towards the ceiling. Position the knees over each other, breathe deeply, and elevate your entire body way towards the pelvis as high as you can. 15 repetitions in 3 sets will suffice to burn excess calories. Extra tip: Use the pleasant spring weather and exercise in the garden.

Long walks

As you know, there is no better way to lose weight than to do some cardio exercises. Walking is the easiest, yet most effective among them, so make sure you move at least half an hour every day.


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A static or dynamic bike will also help lose weight, and the same exercise can be performed even without it. Just put hands behind your head, raise the legs towards the ceiling and bend the knees. Imitate cycling movements until you get tired to twist the ab crunch zone, and the results will amaze you. 10 repetitions are the average and desired measure.


Planks are use to tighten the stomach, but they also have an amazing effect on your back, legs, and arms. Lie on the stomach, and raise the body letting your elbows and toes support you. Look ahead, and make sure your spine and neck are in the same line. Stay like that for at least 30 seconds, and you will feel your muscles vibrating.

Twirl crunches

2 to 3 sets of twirl crunches are ideal to strengthen the tummy and get rid of fat in that zone. The exercise is proven to be more effective than weight lifting.

Crunches and reverse crunches

Crunches affect directly your lower abdominal fat which is at the same time the most difficult one to get rid of. All it takes to do them is to tilt your shoulder and legs backwards, and move as fast as you can. These movements will also help improve your entire body posture, and to feel more relaxed.


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